INSCX exchange operates to deliver an effective global self-regulatory framework designed to increase the commercial usefulness of nanomaterials, advanced materials and nano-enabled commodities going forward. Operating as an electronic Physical Delivery marketplace, the exchange process forges a coherent commercial discipline in the process to supply, procure and exchange of nanomaterials creating a neutral and independent marketplace enabling fluidity in interaction between the competing interests of Buyer, Seller and Capital investor. A further benefit of the exchange process proves that of aiding official regulation agencies, insurers and capital investors recognise both the inherent socio-economic potential of this broad suite of raw materials and assist ongoing efforts to devising practical official regulatory frameworks to govern the raw materials base of nanoscience and nanotechnology in a manner helping to balance societal and commercial interest equally
The exchange invites participation from any organisation regardless of national domicile and/or capital resource.
Market participants are however, advised to note in advance their obligations to conform to exchange rules and regulations governing the manufacture, use, application and/or exchange of listed materials. Upstream and Downstream interest in listed materials are further referred to note obligations as Commercial Users of the exchange in relation to the reporting in nominee of all transactions executed via the exchange, domestic and international MLR regulations, including where appropriate disclosure in accordance with the US Patriot Act,Nanomaterials (SHE) Accreditation, Downstream Audit Sequencing enabling when ordered in law, disclosure proving the traceability of nanomaterials reverse and forward audited throughout the supply chain to end product, device or object and exchange procedures to deliver an independent and impartial material measurement/characterisation capability to underwrite supply quality in respect of all exchange listed materials.
These measures are implemented by the exchange to underwrite the material and financial integrity of all exchange trade and are held as base commercial standards to be observed going forward. The exchange remains positively disposed to bind on all Member Firms and their customers the highest observance of both exchange rules and official regulations governing Conduct of Business and any regulations pertaining to the manufacture, use, application, transport/storage and exchange of listed material instruments for physical delivery. Enquiries in relation to this notice should be directed in the first instance to the Comptroller, Compliance,INSCX exchange/NCM Global,Alderley Edge, Manchester SK9 7LA, United Kingdom. Email: Tel: 0044 (1) 782 454 144. Alternatively, please discuss any query with you nominated Merchant Member Firm.